Community Hall


Post Code of Hall : PL26 7LW


To hire the Hall please check the calendar for availability and the contact us on :


01726 882004 or [email protected]


All users should take note of the following information before using the Hall.


Please bring a mobile phone in case of emergency (the nearest public phone box is at the other end of the village)


The First Aid Box is kept in the small meetings room. Please inform the Booking Secretary if items from the box are used.


The fuse box is in the Hall above the main door.


Please make sure your group is aware of the exits and that they are kept clear at all times.


If you have full catering use of the kitchen please refer to the instructions for the appliances. You will find these in the kitchen.


Please do not use additional heating appliances and do not use BluTack.


In case of fire :

  • evacuate the building to the assembly point which is the far corner of the car park

  • switch off all appliances      

  • if it is safe to do so, close all doors and windows before leaving

  • call the Fire Department

  • inform the Keyholder or Bookings Secretary asap


When you have finished using the Hall will you please leave it as you found it and:


  • switch off lights

  • switch off both water heaters in the kitchen

  • switch off the water heater and hand dryer in the toilet

  • return central heating dial to ‘10’ on the dial

  • close all windows

  • re-stack chairs and tables

  • sweep floor (if necessary – broom etc in the kitchen)

  • take away  rubbish and replace black refuse sack in bin

  • lock the door and drop the key into the mail box outside the main door unless another      arrangement has been made with the keyholder


In addition, if you have full use of the kitchen, please leave it as you found it and :

  • remove any food

  • switch off the cooker

  • clean any spills off cooker

  • load dishwasher but do not switch it on

  • mop the floor if necessary (mop, bucket and cleaning products in the kitchen)


Coombe Community Trust

October 2011